Key points to distinguish between 102 types of dental implants

インプラント102 インプラントの種類

It is said that there are more than 300 types of dental implants, and there are many types of screws and screwdrivers used for implants.

For dental implants that have not been treated at our hospital, it is clinically difficult to identify the implant, but it is first necessary to distinguish the type before repairing.

This article describes the names and characteristics of dental implants.

Please check here (note: in Japanese) for slide that summarizes the characteristics of 120 types of dental implants.

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Features of dental implants
Dental X-ray image (with abutment)
Photo of implant body
Photo of platform
Implant features
Driver type
Body shape
Neck shape
With or without platform switching
Interface (Connection type)
Thread shape
Thread interval
Apex shape
Presence or absence of cutting chamber
Gap of hollow structure (on X-ray image)
Gap at the tip of abutment (on X-ray image)
Length from collar to 1st thread (red line in X-ray image)
Presence or absence of hole at apex
Sales period (in Japan)
Company name / Contact information (in Japan)
References / Website (in Japan)

List of dental implants (102 types)
Straumann Tissue Level Implant
Straumann Bone Level Implant
Straumann BLT Implant
Nobel Branemark MkⅢ TiU Implant
Nobel Replace Select Tapered TiU Implant
Nobel Replace Select Tapered PMC Implant
Nobel Replace Tapered CC Implant
Nobel Replace Tapered CC PMC Implant
Nobel Parallel CC Implant
Nobel Active Implant
Nobel Speedy Groovy Implant
Nobel Speedy Replace Implant
Nobel Direct Implant
Nobel Perfect Implant
T3 Certain Internal Implant Parallel Walled
T3 Certain Internal Implant Tapered
T3 External Implant Parallel Walled
T3 External Implant Tapered
Spline Cylinder MP-1 Implant
Spline Twist MP-1 Implant
Screw Vent Implant Tapered
Tapered Screw Vent Implant
Swiss Plus Implant Tapered
Trabecular Metal Implant (Type-M)
Astra Tech Implant TioBlast
Astra Tech Implant Microthread
Astra Tech Implant OsseoSpeed Straight
Astra Tech Implant OsseoSpeed TX Conical
Astra Tech Implant OsseoSpeed EV Conical
Astra Tech Implant OsseoSpeed EV Straight
Ankylos C/X Implant
FRIALIT2 Step Cylinder Implant
FRIALIT2 Step Screw Implant
Xive S Implant
IMZ Implant TwinPlus Cylinder type
IMZ Implant TwinPlus Screw type
POI-EX Straight Type Implant
FINESIA Bone Level Tapered type Implant
FINESIA Tissue Level Straight type Implant
PLATON TypeⅠ Implant
PLATON TypeⅣ Implant
PLATON Eight-Lobe Pro Implant
CAMLOG Cylinder Implant
CAMLOG Cylinder Screw Implant
CAMLOG Root Form Implant
MEGAGEN Any One Implant
MEGAGEN Any Ridge Implant
Dentium Implant Implantium
Dentium Implant SimpleLineⅡ
Dentium Implant SuperLine
DIO UFII Implant
Alphatite Implant SS
Alphatite Implant SB
Alphatite Implant F
Alphatite Implant TF
Mytis Arrow Implant B-type
Mytis Arrow Implant C-type
Mytis Arrow Implant E-type
Aadva Standard Implant Regular
GENESiO Plus Straight Implant
SETiO Plus Straight Implant
SETiO Straight Implant
Shofu Biofix Implant
InterActive Implant
Legacy Implant
SwishPlus Implant
IS-II active Implant Regular
AQB Implant one-piece
AQB Implant T type one-piece
AQB Implant two-piece
Bicon Integra CP Implant
Neoss ProActive Implant Straight
Neoss ProActive Implant Tapered
BioHorizons Taperd Implant
BioHorizons Tissue Level Implant
BioHorizons Straight Implant
Sweden&Martina Premium Straight Implant
Sweden&Martina Premium SP Implant
Sweden&Martina Premium TG Implant
Sweden&Martina Prama Implant
Sweden&Martina Prama RF Implant
IAT Bone Level Implant
IAT Tissue Level Implant
u-one HA Implant one-piece TL
u-one HA Implant one-piece TS
u-one HA Implant two-piece
TRI Vent Implant
TRI Octa Implant
STERI-OSS Cylinder Regular Implant
STERI-OSS Thread Regular Implant
STERI-OSS Thread Hex Lock Implant(Φ3.25mm )
STERI-OSS Thread Hex Lock Implant(over Φ3.8mm)
STERI-OSS Thread Replace Hex Lock Implant
Bio Vent Implant
Micro Vent Implant
Taper Lock Screw Implant

Satoshi Tajima D.D.S., Ph.D.